Houston Clarinet Camp

With the Houston Symphony Clarinetists

"All the Tricks To Learn Your All-State Etudes Right From the Start"

summer intensive #2• Ft. Bend ISD

at Hightower high school on AUG 6tH, 7th & 10th (FRI, SAT, TUE)

FRI & TUE 10:30AM-12:30PM, SAT 1PM-3PM

This year, would you rather get your All-State etudes to your ‘personal best’ by practicing them 50 hours, or 350 hours? It’s your choice! Join us from the beginning, and we can help make sure you learn them efficiently, the same way we would learn them ourselves if we had to play them onstage at the Symphony.

Everyone attending in person will play! Those who cannot attend in person will have the opportunity to audit this masterclass series via Zoom.

More CLASSES coming in SEP/OCT

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